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Creating the Perfect Wedding Dance:

6 Tips for Success

by Susan Arrigo

When planning a wedding there are numerous details for couples to decide upon and attend to. Thereís the reception site, flowers, the cake and all of the food to deal with, not to mention finding the absolute perfect dress. And of course, thereís the music, an essential part of the wedding reception. But what many couples tend to forget amid all of the planning is the ever important first bridal dance.

The first dance as husband and wife will be one of the most memorable moments of the entire wedding event. Cameras will be rolling and all eyes will be on the happy newlyweds as they engage in their first joint venture, their very first dance as a married couple.

While this happy scene invokes a sense of romance and sentimentality among most of us, to the bride or groom-to-be that has never danced or feels uneasy on the dance floor, it can invoke a sense of anxiety and fear. This doesnít have to be the case, and it really shouldnít be something that causes apprehension, after all this is a happy joyous occasion!

Consider the following simple tips to help make your first wedding dance a beautiful highlight of your wedding reception.

First, Learn the Moves
If youíre apprehensive about dancing in front of all of your friends and family on your wedding day, why not consider taking some lessons before the big day? Dance lessons are a gift you can give yourselves that will last long after the last guest has gone home. The ideal time to begin is usually three to four months before the wedding, but the sooner the better.

The less pressure one feels makes a big difference in how easily they pick up on the various moves or steps. Look at it as a new hobby to do together in preparation for your special day! Not only will you be able to glide beautifully across the dance floor at your own wedding, but think of all the other weddings, parties, vacations and events where your newfound knowledge of dancing will come in handy.

Decide on the Type of Dance
There are numerous types and styles of dances to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect wedding dance. And remember, the coupleís first dance can set the tone for the rest of the wedding reception. If one or both of you look uncomfortable, your guests may be reluctant to join in on the fun!

If you donít already have a specific song in mind for your first dance, consider choosing something relatively short, but long enough to show off the skills and confidence that youíll have. In a professional dance competition songs average about three minutes in length, if itís long enough for the experts, it should be long enough for you, too! An instructor or professional can gear you toward the right selection for the mood you wish to elicit at your reception as well.

Many couples decide on the Waltz or Foxtrot as they are great standards and many songs have a tempo that works well with either choice. These two dances have been popular for countless years and many people are familiar with them and enjoy them immensely. The Waltz is characterized by a distinct undulating quality that features a rise and fall technique along with shoulder sways and has always been considered a beautiful form of dance.

Other popular choices for a coupleís first dance are the Two-Step, the Rumba, the Samba and the Cha Cha. As it is purely a matter of taste, a first dance can also be something like the Salsa or Swing for a really upbeat, fun mood. Many people choose something unique to their heritage such as a Polka, a Tango or other dance native to their culture.

Next, Choose Your Song Wisely
Most couples plan their wedding so that the decorations or the general theme reflects their personalities and who they are. Finding the perfect wedding dance can also add to that list of personalized touches. Start by compiling a list of favorite songs or ones that have a special meaning between the two of you.

Then begin the task of narrowing down your choices until you have a set that you are both comfortable with. Try them out with the style of dance youíve chosen and see what works the best. While you should always pick a song that you both love, itís important to choose one that works with the dance steps you know as well.

Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!
What could be more fun than spending some quality time with your beloved during the hectic time of planning a wedding than learning how to dance together? While the first dance between a man and his new wife is a private moment filled with love and emotion, itís still one that is shared in front of your guests.

With a few weeks, or better yet months, of practice anyone can learn some simple moves and be ready to dance the night away!

Have Fun Along with a Can-Do Attitude
Itís important to realize that this isnít a dance competition, your family and friends wonít be checking to see if youíve missed a step or two and checking off a score card. Theyíll be too busy looking at the joy and happiness on both of your faces to notice mistakes.

Always remember that if you can walk, you can learn to dance, regardless if you consider yourself to be the owner of two left feet or not. Think positive and you will surely have positive results!

Relax and Enjoy Your Special Day
Remember that above all else, this is the best day of your life and one that you should enjoy tremendously. Put all of your heart and soul into your first dance with your betrothed and lose yourself in the moment. All that youíve learned about dancing will come naturally and youíll be able to exude a sense of confidence as well as happiness.

And if youíve kept the fact that the two of you have learned a few new moves a secret, imagine the surprise and amazement of your guests!

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