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What are some good Arabic slow dance wedding songs?

i am getting married… and i need a ARABIC slow dance wedding song to dance too NO ENGLISH please

I suggest these songs:

( ahwak ) abdel halim hafez..its old but very romantic !

( helwa elhayah) Marwan khory .. he has many songs from this type.

( haiaty ) Asala nasri

(enty hayaty) Tamer husni

( meshet wara ehsasi) (sharki) Rouby

(fakrt kteer) Mayssam nahas

What are the best 1st dance wedding songs?

1. what are some good 1st dance wedding songs.

2. and what are some good bride walk down the isle songs.

3. AND what are some of the craziest songs you’ve heard in these categories at weddings.

We are dancing our 1st dance to "Red on a Rose" by Alan Jackson and I am walking down the aisle to "Look At You Girl" by Chris Ledoux. Some other choices are:

First dance:
"Everythin I Do" Bryan Adams
"Heaven" Bryan Adams
"At Last" Etta James
"Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton
"I Swear"
"When a Man Loves a Woman"

Aisle songs:
"You and Me" Lifehouse
"Take my Breath Away"
"From This Moment" Shania Twain
"Only Hope" Switchfoot

Professional Styles And Techniques During Wedding Using Art Digital Photography

When photographers are hired to do a wedding, these professionals know what it takes to get the right shot. These people may not always tell the client to strike a pose and shoot but wait patiently to be able to catch that memorable shot.

There are a lot of great shots that can be taken during a wedding. Here are a few basic styles and techniques for those who also want to capture the event using a digital camera.

1. The individual should take these pictures with a good background or in a not so crowded place so the attention will focus on the newly weds or those who are the intended targets in the shot.

2. If there is a nice background in the back and it is hard to get both, the photographer should shoot the couple from shoulder up. Everyone will be happy and pleased when the pictures come out.

3. If some of the guests are wearing classes, these people can be advised to stand sideways or tilt the head down a little to avoid the reflection that usually occurs when the flash is used.

4. The individual should zoom in or out if there are only two or a group of people in the picture. This will also catch everyone in the shot instead of only getting half of person’s body when the print comes out. This will be embarrassing so the image has to be reviewed at once and deleted so another one can be taken.

5. Proper lighting must be observed at all times. The person must not shoot the couple or the gusts against the light because only a dark image will appear after the picture has been taken.

6. The photographer should also get some stolen moment shots. This should be done when the husband or wife is doing something else or is not looking. This is the trademark of many professionals that is done during the ceremony or the reception.

People will enjoy shots such as the cutting of the cake, the toast and the first kiss or dance. The pictures taken can’t be done again so the individual must be alert and present to get these images on camera.

Photography is truly an art. The person must practice the basics and learn from others to be able to do well in a wedding.

Low Jeremy

Pop Music Bubblegum Kings: Where Are They Now?

Pop music bubblegum kings have a history that traces back to the 80s when groups like the New Kids on the Block, and New Edition became rather popular with audiences. In essence, these were the first boy bands to hit the scene. The term didnt quite catch on until pop music of the 90s became saturated with numerous male groups, such as the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and MTVs own, O-Town. Today, while pop princesses dictate the airwaves, it brings one to ponder, where have all the American bubblegum pop music kings gone?

Backstreet Boys

You may not know this, but the pop music sensation in the 90s, the Backstreet Boys, are still alive and kicking and planning the release of a new album. The group, minus Kevin Richardson, has made a transition from their teen pop roots to more of a pop rock group. They now play their own instruments to supply their background music.

Through the middle of the 90s and 2000s, the Backstreet Boys enjoyed raging success across the world, provoking teenage girls to swoon at the very mention of their names. In the era of boy bands, they still hold the title of selling more albums than any other collaboration. Sadly, throughout the years, many of the group members have experienced personal ups and downs.

In 2001, member, AJ McLean, who had always been viewed as the bad boy of the quintet, became increasingly destructive. It was apparent that he was struggling with a few issues in his life, namely alcohol and drugs. In 2003, McLean made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show with his mother. It was then that fellow group members arrived on air to show their support for him. They hadnt been together for about two years before this reunion.

Member Nick Carter gained brief attention for dating the infamous Paris Hilton for about a year. That ended in 2004 and all he got was a lousy Paris tattoo out of the deal, which he promptly exchanged for a skull and cross bones. In May of 2006, member, Brian Littrell released his first solo project, Welcome Home, which made a respected showing on the Billboard Christian Charts.


Feverishly trying to catch up with the popular Backstreet Boys, NSYNC enjoyed an admirable amount of success with numerous pop music hits. Shifting from teen pop to dance pop, the group had a nice run from 1995 to 2002. As of now, only two of the five original band members have produced solo albums: JC Chasez and the unforgettable Justin Timberlake. Additional group members included: Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick.

As of now, Joey Fatone has made a showing in numerous movie projects (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), in some of which he has worked with Lance Bass, who spends most of his time dealing with his film production company projects. Recently, he has admitted to his homosexual lifestyle and, currently, is even dating a former Survivor cast member. Kirkpatrick on the other hand has joined another band and has been playing live shows in California.

98 Degrees

Although Nick Lachey is better known for being the former husband of Jessica Simpson, he was first recognized as a member of the pop music boy band, 98 Degrees, along with his brother, Drew, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre. The group emerged on the scene in 1997, dabbling in pop, R&B and bubblegum pop. To date, the only solo projects produced by members of 98 Degrees have come from Nick Lachey (2003 and 2006) and Jeff Timmons (2004).

The group has been relatively quiet in terms of mainstream recognition, but a new album is in the works with brand new material to enjoy. Unlike other pop music groups, they intend to stick with what worked for them in the past.

hitesh patel