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First Dance Wedding Video

Katie and Ryan’s wedding first dance video. Married in Revere, MA on May 1, 2009 and had their reception at the Hawthorne in Salem, MA. The Bride and Groom surprised everyone with a little something extra with their first dance. The DJ, photographer and videographer were not even told of this special attraction! Photography by Memories Studio of Rye, NH. DJ by Dj Tommy and video by VIA-VISION Film & Video Productions of Lewiston, ME and Portsmouth, NH.

Duration : 0:4:59

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Mother Son Wedding Song – “The Man You’ve Become”

“This Mother Son Wedding song is available to buy as a download or on CD at

“THE MAN YOU’VE BECOME” , sung by Molly Pasutti and written by multiple Emmy-winner GLORIA SKLEROV and co-writer BARBARA ROTHSTEIN, expresses a mother’s love and pride in her son and ‘the man he’s become’ and the joy in welcoming her daughter-in-law into the family – sentiments every mother wants to say and every son needs to hear

“The Man You’ve Become”

Big wheels, hot wheels
Little trucks and cars
Skinned knees, climbing trees
Wishing on the stars
Moments may be lost somewhere in time
But the sweetest memories are never left behind
Now you’ve grown so fine
And come so far…

I’m so proud of who you are
The man you’ve become
Thrilled to share your deepest joy
To know you’ve found the one
For the great things you will do
I’ll be blessed ’cause you’re my son
But I’ll always see the boy
In the man you’ve become

School days, sleep-aways
Driving all alone
Phone calls, shopping malls
Late coming home
It was hard to know when to let you spread your wings
When to let you go to face the challenges life brings
But you’ve grown so fine
And come so far…


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Duration : 0:3:16

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Persian Wedding Knife Dance

The traditional knife dance done in weddings before the cutting of the cake.

The song is by Bijan Mortazavi called sabzehzaar, off Bijan III instrumental CD.

Download link:


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Duration : 0:5:52

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