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What is a good song choice for a Grandfather/G-Daughter first wedding dance?

I am getting married in April. I do not have a good relationship with my father, so my Grandfather is giving me away. I want to have the traditional first "father/daughter" dance, but with my grandfather, but I am having a hard time picking one. Any suggestions???

A song your grandfather might appreciate:

Turn Around……… The Brothers Four

With opening lines like "Where are you going, my little one…little one…" and closing lines like "…turn around and you’re a young wife, with babes of your own." it might be very apropos.
Good luck though…and congratulations!!

Jill & Kevin’s Wedding Entrance Dance, JK Wedding Entrance Dance, Wedding Dance (as seen on TV)

Original by TheHeinz. Edited and reposted here with comments disabled so families can share without having to look at vulgar comments below the video.

Duration : 0:1:40

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Wedding Song Accapella

For full song with piano, go to:
Someone questioned whether I was really singing. My response to that is yes, I am really singing. I know that YouTube provides a lot of free entertainment and I am grateful for any and everyone who takes a moment to listen to my music. Just so no one feels like my singing is fake, I provided this accapella version of the wedding song. Since I am recording myself, I have been editing my songs in iMovie, a mac movie editing software. But this time, no edits, no piano, no mics, just me, a chair and the camera.

Duration : 0:1:59

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First Wedding Dance – Pulp Fiction Style

Austin & Marie’s First Wedding Dance, Pulp Fiction Twist Contest Style, to the song “You Never Can Tell” as sung by Kenneth filmed by Bjorn Ottesen

Duration : 0:5:8

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Romance and the Stay at Home Mom

It can be hard feeling romantic after spending all day with the kids. You’re often worn out by the time your husband gets home, and there are probably still the dinner dishes to be done and the kids to get ready for bed. It’s often no wonder romance falls by the wayside.

But if you work at it you can restore the romantic aspects of your relationship.

If sheer exhaustion is a part of the problem, make sure your husband understands that. And then tell him if you need more help when he’s at home. His job has definite hours. Yours does too, if you consider 24/7/365 definite. Make sure these things are well balanced.

That doesn’t mean hand your husband a long list of chores the minute he walks in the door, of course. But things like doing the dishes together and putting the kids to bed together are quite reasonable to ask.

Take the time for touch in your relationship. After the kids are in bed, haul out the massage oils and take turns massaging one another. Even if you’re too tired for more than massage, you will both feel better for it.

If you have a fireplace, take advantage of it. Light up a fire and cuddle up together in front of it. No TV, no interruptions. Chocolate covered strawberries are a nice touch for this one.

If you can get the kids out of the house, plan a special dinner for just the two of you. Haul out the good china you got for your wedding but rarely use. Make something special for dinner. Light candles. Dress for it. Try to have everything ready before he gets home. And try to have most of the cooking mess cleaned up. You don’t want dirty dishes to ruin the mood.

If you pack his lunch, leave little love notes in it. If he doesn’t, how about sneaking a note into his pocket or wallet. Just a little something to make him smile, nothing that would embarrass either of you should a coworker get a glance.

How long has it been since the two of you went on a date?

If babysitters for the kids are hard to come by, make a date at home. Put on some favorite songs and dance together. Watch a romantic movie. Go outside and watch the sun set.

Don’t forget to kiss each other every day. Really kiss, not just a peck on the cheek. And tell each other “I love you” every time you think of it.

It can be tough keeping those romantic feelings going when you have children, rougher when you spend your entire day caring for them and just feel wiped out. But romance does not need to disappear from your marriage just because of that. Take the time and show your husband that a stay at home mom still knows her romance.


Some Tips To Learn How To Dance Easily

Dancing is fun. Everybody should learn how to dance. If nothing else, what happens if you have a daughter and she gets married and expects you, as her father, to dance with her at her wedding? Won’t you look like a fool if you don’t know your two step from your samba? And you ladies, what gal doesn’t want to be swept off her feet on the dance floor by some hunky guy? Okay, so how about some tips for learning how to dance?

For starters, you DON’T have to go to a dance school. I don’t know why it is that people feel that they need to have one on one instruction. Sure, if the thought of some guy pawing you all day lights your bulb then go for it. Otherwise, it is just as easy to learn how to dance from watching some really well made videos. And the great part of videos is that you can start and stop them all you want. No hourly fee for lessons.

Dance shoes. If you are serious about this (you are serious, right?) then you are going to want to buy a pair of dance shoes. Depending on what kind of dancing you intend to do, those are the kind of dance shoes that you’re going to buy. You will not buy ballroom practice shoes to do square dancing and conversely, you’re not going to buy western dance boots for ballroom dancing. Yes, there are many different types of dance shoes. So you need to make sure you get the right pair for what you intend to learn.

Warming up. A lot of people just go right into their dance routine without any kind of warm up at all. This is asking for a cramp, pulled muscle or worse. It is ALWAYS a good idea to do some stretching exercises BEFORE you start dancing. That way, once the lessons begin, or your actual dancing begins, you don’t have to worry about being carried off the dance floor on a stretcher. I’m not kidding. Don’t go into dancing cold, especially if you’re not a kid anymore.

Dancing can be a ton of fun, and it’s not hard to learn how to dance. Essentially, it’s just a few steps. In my signature is a great resource that will get you started and on your way to becoming a professional dancer in no time at all.

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Gary West