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Can anyone tell me where to find a good work out routine, or good dance video? I’m about 30-35 lbs………..

over weight and am determined to lose the weight and have nice abs for my wedding this october. PLEASE HELP!! My only free time is from 6 to 10 at night in between dinner and cleaning.

Collage Video has a variety of good exercise videos of all types. You can either call them at 1-800-433-6769 or visit them online where you can see short clips of the various videos they offer.

What song would you like to dance to for your first wedding dance?

It doesn’t have to be a slow song. Even though I tell everyone I don’t want to get married (I’m a teen) I still think about what song would I want to dance too. I would want it to be something really fun like a slow song and then we bust out doing something non traditional like Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, something from Beyonce, or My Humps. LOL!

Smack that -Akin
Hot in Herre Nelly
Peanut Butter Jelly Song
That would be hilarious

Need original song ideas for bride and groom dance, wedding?

Hi, I need song ideas for the bride and groom’s first dance. Ive gotten many suggestions but all the songs are so overplayed. Anyone got any original song ideas that haven’t been played at every other wedding?

Here are a few that I like. Don’t worry about them being over-played; just make sure that the song has special meaning to both of you. The first dance is a very special and emotional moment..
One Boy, One Girl – Collin Raye
You’re The Inspiration – Chicago
When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne
Dreaming Of You – Selena
How Do I Live – Trisha Yearwood/Leann Rimes
I Want to Know What Love is – Foreigner
This I Promise You – N’Sync
Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden
I Wanna Love You Forever – Jessica Simpson
Feels Like Home – Chantal Kreviazuk
Love Remains – Collin Raye
The One – Elton John
Cry – Mandy Moore
Come What May – Ewan McGregor/Nicole Kidman

Choosing Your Wedding Reception


There are two types of reception sites.

The first type charges a person fee which includes the facility, food, tables, silverwares and plates. Examples are hotels, restaurant and catered yachts. The advantage of this is that they will do everything for you but the disadvantage is that choices of food, china and linen are limited. Usually you are not permitted to bring outside food/beverages and must choose from their own menu. In either case, if they allow you, be prepared to pay a corkage fee. Beware because some the hotels are known for double booking. Also be careful of hotels that book events too close together. You don’t want to your guest to wait outside while the room is being set-up for the reception. Get your rental hours and the name of the room in writing.

The second type charges a room or rental fee and you are responsible for providing the food, beverages, linen and possibly tables and chairs. Examples of this are clubs, halls, parks, museums and private homes. The site should complement the formality of your ceremony. The selection of the site depends on its availability, price, proximity to the ceremony site and the number of people it will accommodate.

Some popular reception ideas:

Hotels and Restaurants

Country Club and Catering Halls

Inns or Bed-and-Breakfast Establishments

Botanical Gardens



When comparing the cost of the different locations, consider the rental fee, food, beverages, parking, gratuity, set-up charges and the cost of the rental equipment such as the tables, chairs and canopies. If you’re planning an outdoor reception make sure to have a backup site in the case of rain.


The reception music helps create the atmosphere of your wedding. It is the major part of your reception and should be planned carefully. When selecting music for your reception, consider the musical preference of your guests, your budget and the site. Hiring a DJ is less expensive than band and musicians.

If you want your musician to act as the master of ceremonies during the reception make sure he has a complete timeline for your reception and he knows when to announce the events such as first dance, toast, cutting of cake, tossing the bouquet and garter. If you want a large variety of music consider hiring a professional DJ. He can play any type of music and even offer a light show. Give him the list of the songs you want to play and the time for playing each song.

To save money it’s better to hire a band or a DJ directly. Hiring an entertainment agency will cost you more. You can ask some friends who can sing during the reception. You can also check the music department in college and universities and hire student musicians and DJ. It’s less expensive than hiring the professional musicians.

Food & Beverages:

It depends on what time your wedding will be. You can either have your reception mid morning or afternoon where you can serve light food like finger foods or cocktail food and wedding cake. In this case you will save more money in food and in beverage. But if you have the budget for a nice reception then you can have it for lunch or dinner. The most important in the reception is the wedding cake and beverage for toast.


You can consider having a theme for your reception. A Hawaiian theme or your honey destination is a great idea. It depends to what both of you like. Another alternative is to follow your wedding motif. If you book your reception in a hotel or restaurant you can ask them regarding the decorations. Some hotels and restaurant includes decoration in their package. If decorations is not included or your reception is held outside like in a garden. You can decorate using nice bouquets, balloons, candles, drapes. Use table cloth and napkins that will continue your colour scheme. Set it with nice candles and flowers.

For more information visit

Susan Tucker

The Men’s Retreat

In November our church put together a two day Men’s retreat. This is the second year for this event. Last year I was unable to attend because I was in Cincinnati, Ohio working. This year I had every intention of participating, unfortunately, as the close of registration drew near I found myself in an unusual situation. Somehow I had managed to commit myself to attend three different events this particular weekend. When our associate pastor heard I would not be attending, he expressed genuine sadness and disappointment. This expression of love overwhelmed me. Two days before the retreat, after scrambling desperately to rearrange my schedule, plans fell into place. As it turned out I was even able to carpool with four other guys to the retreat. The retreat was held the weekend of Nov. 14 – 16th, at a working ranch approximately 2 hours east of Dallas. The ranch is located not too far from the Louisiana border.

We bunked in a large log cabin with three different sleeping quarters, two downstairs and one upstairs. The restroom and shower facilities were located inside between the sleeping quarters. Inside running water in rural Texas? I was dumbfounded! There was a large open area inside the cabin. The mess hall was in another building located fairly close to the cabin.

About eighty guys from church attended. The first night after dinner we gathered around a bonfire for some fellowship. The bonfire pit was located on a small hill 100 yards behind our cabin. The peaceful tranquility of the moonlit night, with the stars glistening upon us, with the night air filled with sounds of wood crackling from the fire, and the joyous sounds of country living went unappreciated due to the fridge temperature. The weekend before the temperature hovered around 75 degrees, now winter was rearing its ugly head with a bone chilling 35 degree temperature. The wind decided to dance among us and through us further enhancing our misery. Please do not get me wrong. I am not complaining. With three layers of clothing and a warm coat I was far from totally frozen. This being a church activity, no one thought to bring a bottle of brandy to warm our insides. What a shame! Well it would not have done me any good anyway, I stopped drinking last April.

How I forced my semi-frozen limbs to carry me back to the cabin, I will never know. At last warmth! The reprieve only lasted temporarily. My bunk was situated next to a window. I had planned on bringing my warm sleeping bag, but at the last moment decided all I needed were a couple of sheets. After all, we were sleeping inside. I figured, surely the cabin was heated to 70 -75 degrees. Wrong. Either the thermostat was broken or they purposely set it at 55 degree. (At least that is what it felt like). I awoke after a fitful night, sleeping in my coat, to a desperate need for several hot cups of coffee.

Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, and hot coffee. I was in heaven. When breakfast was finished, we all gathered back in the cabin for some worship time and a message from our pastor. After lunch we had our choice of different activities. Horseback riding, hiking, a rope obstacle course, fishing, or swimming were on the menu. Although the weather was gracious enough to warm up to around 50 degrees with no wind whistling about, swimming was not on anyone’s agenda.

I skipped lunch and took a nap. When I awoke the guys were starting to go off to the different activity areas. I decided to take a long solitary walk. I would use this time to reflect upon different areas of my life. Fifty yards past the cabin’s front door my time of reflection ceased. One of the guys (Daniel) whom I had meant the previous night was also out walking. He was waiting for the horseback riding to begin in 45 minutes. After some discussion we decided to walk together, the ¼ mile, to the horse corral and then hang out till he rode off on his horseback riding adventure. I had not signed up for this activity and all the available slots were full. Anyway I am not an avid horseman. In my 51 one years of life, only twice prior have I been on a horse. I know this is hard to believe. I live in Texas and do not own a pair of cowboy boots nor ride horses. What kind of Texan am I?

As we were conversing (guys don’t gab, they converse) another guy showed up to wait for the horseback riding to begin. A few minutes later he asked me if I wanted to take his place riding, because he wanted to try out the rope obstacle course. Well, I said “why not“? Thinking I could somehow control a beast that is much larger than myself. The joy of foolish ignorance.

Our pack leader finished his instructions with saying, “just sit back and enjoy the ride.” Then the moment of truth arrived. It was time to pick our horses. I forgot to mention the funny little helmet we were required to wear. I was not worried about falling and hitting my head, I was fearful of falling and breaking a leg or an arm. The horse I picked appeared calm and gentle. I looked deep into his eyes, summoning all the powers of the “Jedi “ mind trick I learned from Star Wars, while trying to hypnotize this beast into submission, all the while fervently praying I would survive this encounter. Now, time to mount up.

Left foot in stirrup, and then propel your right leg up and over the horse. Easier said then done. With my left foot locked three feet in the air, firmly secured in the stirrup and my body crying out “You don’t bend this way”, my right foot refused to move higher than one foot off the ground. Three strikes and your out! Right? Not in this case. On my fourth attempt I was assisted up onto the horse (in other words, someone lifted me). If horses could laugh, mine would have keeled over. I hope this was not a prelude to what was in store.

High oh silver! Off we went, 15 horses single file, majestically strolling calmly out the corral gate and down a well worn path. I can handle 30 minutes of this, I thought. Slowly, the well marked path started to disappear until only a faint outline existed. I realized our guide was not kidding when, during his instructions he said, “I like to change up the trail”. Up a small hill we went, under low hanging tree branches, through tall grass, till we reached the summit. Then the fun began. My horse instantaneously transformed it’s self into a demon. No more gentle walking for this horse, now we were going to gallop quickly down the hill. Holding on for dear life and crying “whoa horse” while pulling back on the reins was my futile effort to slow this horse. Apparently this procedure had the opposite effect on this creature, he galloped faster. Fifty yards later (seemed like miles), when we reached a small valley, the horse finally slowed back to a normal walk. I swear this horse snickered at me.

Three, four, five minutes passed as we continued our leisurely pace, following the other riders single file over the unseen trail. Down into a small ravine, through a nearly empty creek, my horse behaved superbly. Then as I was starting to relax, once again a demon possessed this beast. Galloping up the creek’s embankment, under even lower hanging tree branches, off this horse rode. Bouncing up and down in the saddle, thinking each time I rose up, surely this time I was going to fall off and be trampled by the riders behind me. Eventually, we reached a cattle pasture where the horse casually slowed back to a nice calm walk. Praising God for keeping me upright, my heart rate began to return to a somewhat normal rhythm. The possibility of having a heart attack did cross my mind.

Walk awhile then gallop some, walk awhile then gallop some, this frightening pattern continued throughout the remainder of the ride. Someone forgot to tell me this horse had a Dr. Jeckell/ Mr. Hyde complex. Mercifully, I arrived back at the corral in one piece. Amazingly still upright in the saddle also. Maneuvering next to the metal fence which surrounded the corral, I used the fence to help with me dismount off the horse. The dismount procedure went a lot smoother then the earlier mounting fiasco.

Gingerly walking away, the idea light bulb went off inside my head. Horseback riding can definitely be used as a birth control method for guys. Bouncing in the saddle creates a major “discomfort“. The creative wheels began to grind. How can I profitably market this profound revelation?

Several fellow riders mentioned they thought I was going to bite the dust during the ride. “No worries,“ I replied, mustering the final reserves of my manly dignity. Laughing, trying desperately to hide my bruised and battered ego, I told them, “I was only demonstrating the finer points of horsemanship“. Next time I am demanding a horse with a built-in shoulder harness seatbelt (like the racecar drivers use). Or better yet maybe I should stick to riding motorcycles. I know I can control them.

After our wonderful horseback riding experience, Brian and I decided to venture over to the rope obstacle area. Thirty feet up, among the tree branches several rope challenges were set up. One, where you walked across a rope, stretched between the trees, approximately 50 in length, your body dangling in mid-air, while you clutched (for dear life) the rope above you. Hand over hand, shuffling your feet, inch by inch until you reached the safety of the tree platform. Boy did this look like fun! Another event was where an attendant strapped you into a harness, and then attached the harness to a rope which was suspended between two trees. The other tree about 300 yards away. You were then launched off the tree platform, to zip along the rope high above the ground, hanging on for dear life, as you proceeded to fly through the air for 300 yards. This glorious contraption is called a Zip Line. Various other courage testing events, similar to these, were available.

With my feet securely planted on the ground, I watched, amazed as my brethren attacked these activities demonstrating a degree of zeal and faith unsurpassed by even the most professional daredevil. Where their faith came from, to perform these death defying feats, I haven’t a clue. Their faith was it grounded in their own abilities, or placed in the harness that secured them to the ropes, or did they all just trust God to keep them from falling out of the trees?

Considering my aversion to heights and combined with the horseback riding experience I had just endured, the burning desire to join these brave men, up in the trees, was nowhere within me. Yes, I had come to the retreat to draw closer to God, but I reasoned God would understand if I remained physically and securely on the ground.

Walking back to the cabin I reflected on how my life has dramatically and completely changed. Not too many years ago. if I were to attend a retreat, with a group of guys, there would have been a party atmosphere. A party overflowing with booze, raucous behavior, swapping lies, guys boasting about conquests with women, playing cards, and hopefully shooting pool. A strong Bloody Mary, with two aspirin, to minimize the hangover would be our breakfast of choice. Lunch would consist of plenty of beer with maybe some food. Dinner the time to break open the good strong liquor. Junk food would have been the preferred cuisine.

This retreat was about building strong relationships with other men who share a common faith and who are genuinely concerned for each other’s well being. Coming together as a group we can share testimonies, confessions, worries, concerns, and fears while encouraging, supporting, lifting up, and praying for one another. Trust, honesty, and love are the cornerstones of this gathering.

Dinner that night found us back at the fire pit. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs as the darkness descended. Soon, ten feet from the fire darkness fully engulfed us. Stumbling blindly between the picnic tables we attempted to fill our plates with condiments. A flashlight balanced in one hand, your plate precariously balanced in the other, we all somehow managed to load up our plates with food. Thank God the temperature had risen from the previous night. Now, we were only cold, not frozen. At least the wind was gracious enough to leave us alone tonight. By mutual consent we all returned to the warmth of the cabin after we finished eating. No standing around the fire till midnight tonight.

After diner we gathered in the cabin for an enjoyable, spirit filled, time of worship and fellowship. During this time (Brian) the guy that drove four of us to the retreat, said he needed to leave that night instead of in the morning, as originally planned. He was apologetic about his change in plans. There were several people who stepped up and volunteered to have us carpool back to Dallas with them. This is a example of what I mean about the guys caring about one another.

Returning home Saturday night with Brian was actually a blessing. This would allow Kathy and me to attend church on Sunday morning and then spend the rest of the day together. The original plan had me returning in the middle of the afternoon Sunday. This was ok, except Sunday was our wedding anniversary and I felt spending the day together was preferred. Especially considering last year, on our anniversary, my plane did not arrive in Dallas till 8:00PM. I had been gone from home working in Ohio and Kentucky for 6 weeks.

With no cell phone signal out at the ranch I was not able to reach to notify Kathy of the change in plans. That’s ok I thought I will surprise her. She will be overjoyed when I come through the door. It was close to midnight when we arrived back in Dallas. When Brian drop me off in front of my house I realized my house key was setting on top of my dresser inside the house. No problem, I will knock on the door. When Kathy answered the door she was more frightened by my sudden appearance than overjoyed to see me. Her words, “You scared the s… out of me,” greeted me at the doorway. Apparently, surprising her was not one of my smartest moves.

The weekend of the Men’s retreat was a unique experience. Not one soon forgotten. New friendships were forged, current relationships were strengthened, and beautiful memories created. These were but a few of the remarkable benefits I received from this weekend.

The excitement, adventure, and memories that next year’s retreat will bring I can hardly wait to see.

Glen Hamilton

JK Wedding Dancers on The Today Show

The whole wedding party appeared on TODAY Saturday to do an encore of their now-legendary aisle dance.

Most couples wait until the reception before breaking out into the Funky Chicken on their wedding day, but Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson figured, why wait to unleash their unbridled joy?

The 28-year-olds floored their wedding guests by having their whole bridal party — including seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen and four ushers — boogie down the aisle in a choreographed dance more at home in a Broadway musical than in a somber church.

Groomsmen split into sides as Heinz did a somersault in front of the wowed crowd — and the gown-clad Peterson quickly followed, shaking her hips to Chris Browns Forever while pumping her bridal bouquet into the air during the June 20 ceremony in St. Paul, Minn.

Of course, some things are too good to keep to yourself. And when Kevin posted the wedding dance routine on YouTube, it quickly became a viral hit — some Four Million (and counting) people have already shared in the couples novel way of showing their matrimonial joy.

Heinz and Peterson (shes keeping her maiden name) appeared live on TODAY Friday to tell their story of how their artistic self-expression on the biggest day of their lives captured Americas imagination and made them Internet stars.

After watching the video, TODAYs Matt Lauer told the couple, If that was a ceremony, I dont know how you survived the honeymoon! He then asked the couple who came up with the idea.

It was mine, Jill told Lauer. I danced growing up and was a dancer through college and loved dance as a way to express yourself and share joy. So it was something I always thought about doing.
It didnt take her fun-loving husband Kevin long to agree to the idea, saying the decision to dance was the first thing we really decided about the wedding that he wanted to do.

They then broke the news to the parents that their wedding processional wasnt going to take on the more reserved joy of a typical wedding. Jill admitted that her mom was maybe a little nervous, and Kevin said his parents were definitely apprehensive, but didnt try to talk the two crazy kids out of their plan. They swore them to secrecy so other wedding guests wouldnt know what they were up to.

Next up was a dance rehearsal for the wedding party. Anyone seeing the YouTube video might think the whole party was composed of dance professionals — the bridesmaids alone, with their waving-hands routine at the altar, are worth the price of admission. But Jill said it was actually more seat-of-the-tux than the final result would indicate.

We [practiced for] an hour and a half, Jill told Lauer. A lot of that, people were sort of making up as they went, people just got really into it and went for it. We just gave them a general layout.

The wedding party rehearsed the dance for just 90 minutes. While guests were clearly overjoyed at getting a floor show even before the champagne flowed at the reception, Kevin and Jill are adamant they werent seeking a quick kiss of fame by posting their dancing high jinks on YouTube. Like many other viral video sensations, it was originally intended for friends and family.

I put it up because her dad had been really harassing me to get it out to some of his other family members, and it exploded, Kevin said.

Duration : 0:4:51

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The Wedding Song – “These Rings”

The song playing in this video is called “These Rings.” It is written and produced by JD Entertainment.

“These Rings” is one of 10 first rate tracks on JD Entertainments “Romantic And Love Songs – Volume 1″ CD

JD Entertainments “Romantic And Love Songs – Volume 1″ is available online at the following locations: iTunes U.S., iTunes Australia/N.Z., iTunes Canada, iTunes UK/European Union, iTunes Japan, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Amazon MP3, Lala, Shockhound, and Amie Street

Ringtones can be purchased at,, and other online locations. Search JD Entertainment.


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Jackie and Josh’s First Wedding Dance – Funny Surprise Evolution of Dance

Best First Wedding Dance. Evolution of Dance inspired mix. One of first to do this – Married 10/27/07. Good luck to everyone getting married, and remember to have fun.

Duration : 0:7:32

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The JK Wedding Dance – Entrance Recreation Dance Down Aisle – Today Show – Cool, I Guess?

The JK Wedding Dance – Entrance Recreation Dance Down Aisle Today Show – Pretty Cool – I Guess

Pretty Original – I’ll Have To Give em’ That……..

JK – Jill – Kevin – Wedding Party Dance

Duration : 0:4:51

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