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Salsa Dance Mastery System – How to Salsa Dance, Step by Step

How to Salsa Dance? A painful question for many, as learning to dance salsa is not an especially easy task. In fact, learning to dance just about any dance can be a humbling experience. It was this humbling feeling, along with the desire to get my friends to start dancing with me, that launched my initial foray into salsa dance video production.

For me, Salsa Dancing is a uniquely social experience, grounded almost entirely in the passion of the music. When I started dancing, it was before the creation of dance teams, troupes, congresses, and the entire economic models those things created.  Salsa dancing has come a long way since then, but at it’s core, it’s still an immensely popular social dance.  The goal and purpose of the salsa dance videos were to share the passion, but also create a real step by step system that allows you to dance with anyone, anywhere, anytime, to any music, and still have a great time.

Chances are that you, reading this right now, stumbled upon salsa dance at a local club, dance studio, or even a ballroom. Perhaps you heard the music, fell in love with it, or just found yourself dancing late at night when an as yet uknown latin rythym came on that spoke to you.  That led to dance lessons, perhaps private lessons too, and a fantastic (and sometime arduous) journey of the beginning salsa dance student. It can be tough, and I found my friends sometimes dropping off, and not reaching the level of a “social dancer”. How could I help?

How to Salsa Dance, with a progressive 5 dvd system, that takes you from your very first steps and coddles you forward to intermediate levels. It’s very basic at the start, very clear, with a fair amount of repetition, also done with music, to really help my friends internalize it. While it’s not easy to learn how to do any dance, with the Salsa Dance Mastery System, it allowed more of my friends to make the leap to becoming a social salsa dancer. For many, it was the missing piece of the puzzle – the practice, repetition, and step by step coach, that they needed to really learn how to dance.

And yes, years later, I can say with a humble heart, it really worked. Tons of my friends salsa dance, and rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear how this system has helped someone learn to dance salsa. How great is that!?  If you find yourself at a plateau, or you find yourself struggling with learn to dance salsa, give the Salsa Dance Mastery System a try …

How about you – how’s your salsa dancing journey?

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