Wedding Dance: Wedding Planning your First Dance – From your Wedding Music to your First Dance

Your First Dance, your First Wedding Dance. Whether you are brand new to dancing, or have danced for many years, this is going to be a very special event. Wedding planning has typically taken up most of your time, and plans for the wedding reception is taking up any free hours. So, typically, your wedding dance is not the first thing on your mind as the big day approaches. However, this dance, your first dance, will last a lifetime, and it deserves some special attention!

So lets talk about your wedding dance, and how we can make this special first dance something to smile over, and look forward to. We don’t need any more stresses in our lives, especially iwth the major wedding planning taking so much of your time, so first step, relax. This will be one of the most enjoyable parts of your wedding, and no, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced a single step in your life.

So, what style of dance are perfect for your wedding? How do you envision your first wedding dance? Well, typical wedding dances consist of the four standard ballroom dances. Your first dance might be a waltz, foxtrot, or the ever popular swing dance. In addition, a slow and sensual rumba is always a popular choice. These are the standard choices, but you don’t need to feel constrained by those! Quite the opposite … feel free to make your wedding dance memorable. Choose a wedding song that is really special for you!  

What comes first, the choice of wedding dance, or the chose of wedding song? Honestly, for everyone it’s different. Most people cherish a favorite song, and some have always imagined their first dance to be played to certain styles of music. If you’ve never danced before, it doesn’t really matter what style of dance you choose, it’s going to be your passion for each other, and the fun of the wedding song, that really propels the first dance to be something truly special.

And don’t forget, simply because others have chosen the standard dances to represent their first wedding dance, you should feel free to cut loose! If it’s a fiery, passionate salsa dance you desire, or a sensual and slow rumba, the most important thing is to simply choose it early! Give yourself time in that busy wedding planning schedule to practice, and everything will flow just like magic.

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