A Heartfelt Mother Son Wedding Song I’ll Always Be Your Mother

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I’ll Always Be Your Mother Lyrics

This is a special day
When two are joined as one
I love my new daughter
I’ll always love you son
Care for each other
Be faithful till the end
Follow what’s in your heart
May you always stay best friends

It’s the start of your new life
As husband & wife
Hope the good days outshine the bad
May laughter brighten the sad
Know I’m here for you
To help or just talk to
Believe in each other
I’ll always be your mother

The day will be here soon
When you’ll have Kids to love
God will watch over you
From heaven up above
Pray for patience & wisdom
To give your kids your best
You’ll teach them right from wrong
They’ll bring you happiness

Chorus Repeat

I’ll always be your mother,
it completes my life
My tears are filled with love,
for you & your new wife
You are a caring son,
I’ll forever be proud of
Cherish your new bride,
We can always share your love

It’s the start of your new life
Believe in each other
I’ll always be your mother

Mother son wedding song – I’ll Always Be Your Mother

Copyright © 2006 by
Lynn Leonti/Jim McShane

Ill Always Be Your Mother is a new mother and son wedding song that I wrote for my sons wedding in 2006.

When my son told me he was getting married, I knew I wanted to write a song for him and his new bride. My intention was to give him something special and personal. As I started to write the song, it became more obvious to me that it would be a wonderful song to be played at the wedding that he and I could dance to.

The focus of this mother and son song was not so much about him as a boy growing up. It was about his special wedding day and the start of his new life with his new bride. I wanted to welcome his new bride into our family as my new daughter and wanted her to know that we could always share his love. I wanted to let him know that I would always be there for him. I wanted my son to see his new wife as his best friend and that its important to always be faithful to each other.

I wrote the lyrics for this mother and son wedding song and Jim McShane wrote the music. We recorded the song in a traditional version and played it at the wedding. It was beautiful to everyone, young and old, male and female. I was encouraged by so many people to publish the CD and make it available to others. So, with this encouragement, Jim and I also recorded a country version and released our single, recorded in both the traditional and country versions in May of 2007.

The CD is available at http://www.shopmysongs.com

You can view the lyrics and listen to a short clip of both versions of the song.

My new father daughter wedding song titled “I’ll Always Be Your Daughter” was released in May 2008. My new bride and groom first dance song titled “Two Little Words” was relased in June 2009.

I am not only a proud mother of two boys and a daughter-in-law, I am now a proud grandmother of beautiful little girl.

Best wishes to all mothers & sons, fathers & daughters, and all parents on their special wedding day.

Lynn Leonti

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25 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Mother Son Wedding Song I’ll Always Be Your Mother

  1. shopmysongs

    I couldn’t have …
    I couldn’t have said it better. I agree with everything you said.

  2. AngelicDevilinLV

    My son is almost 27 …
    My son is almost 27 and has always said that I will forever be number one in his life. So, this saying doesn’t apply to my son … one who was raised by a very loving mom who respected him always. He has a baby girl now and I have no problem taking second place to that precious angel. :-) My daughter is, indeed my daughter all my life, but my son is definitely my son all my life, too.

  3. ahlehs

    wow…….. i can’t …
    wow…….. i can’t help but cry…… mother and son have always a special connection. whatever happens i’ll always be your mother….. i will use this song when my son marries. he’s only 17 now.

  4. crazycazedin

    There is an old …
    There is an old saying , your son is your son till he finds himself a wife. your daughter is your daughter all of your life.

  5. crazycazedin



    Dance with your new mother-in-law , I am sure she will treat you like her son.

    Have a great wedding day . x

  6. tinyturtletown

    My brother is …
    My brother is getting married this coming December and my Mom and him needed a song to dance to and somehow I was put in charge of it! I found this song, played it for my Mom and fell in love with it. The lyrics are beautiful and we ordered the CD yesterday! Thank you!

  7. jlf8409

    EBHERNANDEZ7- In response to your question. Coming from a woman/mother it would be a nice suggestion if you have your future wife’s mom dance with you while she is dancing with her dad. :)

  8. GoddessDreaming

    I say dance with a …
    I say dance with a brother if you don’t have a brother, dance with his father. :)

  9. shopmysongs

    My son that I wrote …
    My son that I wrote this for now has a 2 yr old daughter. It’s like watching him go up all over again. She acts, talks & looks exactly like him.

  10. mandislone

    My little guy is …
    My little guy is 3.5 and I feel the same way. He is my only child and my whole life. I love him so much no matter what…..such a touching song – says just how we mom’s feel!

  11. shopmysongs

    A few ways I have …
    A few ways I have heard is to dance with your fiance’s mom, a favorite aunt, sister or any one that is special to you. You don’t have to dance with anyone at all. You can also dance with one of these women in memory of your mother.


    Who do you dance …
    Who do you dance with when you don’t have a mother? I’m getting married next year…My mother passed away when I was 13, my father passed away when I was 25. I’m 34 now. My fiance has both her parents. My grandparents on both sides have passed away too. Can’t dance with grandma…Who do I dance with?

  13. homerjay4242

    I loved this song. …
    I loved this song. I am getting married Dec 2010 and am the bride to be but was just browsing to check out possible mother son songs when I found this one. It was so beautiful I’m literally still al teary eyed. This song will be perfect for them and will sure to let him listen to it.

  14. donnamarienoble

    To All Mothers …
    To All Mothers Everywhere ! So lucky to have a son. To my son !



  15. shopmysongs

    I sure can relate …
    I sure can relate to the crying part.. Once you start, you can’t stop. Best wishes to you & your new marriage.

  16. Tom18577

    I recently got …
    I recently got married and my mom and I danced to this song. I could not stop crying the whole time. Neither could my mom. My wife was crying as well. She did the exact same thing that this guy’s wife did, she winked at me.

    After the song was over, I was still crying. My wife came up to me and asked if I was ok, I said I was. Then I had to go to the bathroom to splash water on my face.

    I came back out and my mom and my wife were sitting down and talking about me, (typical women) hah hah.

  17. eillesorg

    my son is 8 yrs old …
    my son is 8 yrs old now…i cherish the moments each day passed…sooner or later my only son will leave me to live with his girl..i will always be a mother to him…the song is so touching

  18. shopmysongs

    I remember when my …
    I remember when my son was 14. Time goes by so fast, cherish all the moments.

  19. oliez1988

    I only have 1 child …
    I only have 1 child and it’s a boy…he is only 14 but I’m sure it will only take a blink of an eye before I am in this same situation..I will be a mess I hope that when I loose him it will be to a fantasic girl. He is my pride and joy…my one and only he is MY SON!

  20. 01LisaP

    My son is getting …
    My son is getting married in May 2010. And, I am forever telling him that I will always be his mother, I think that this is the most honest and heartfelt song for a mother and son

  21. shopmysongs

    I’m so sorry about …
    I’m so sorry about your mom & sister. We need to be thankful for all the good times we have with family & friends. It seems like my son was 5 yrs old not too long ago. Now he has a 2 yr old of his own.

  22. dianneo34

    Wow Ok That was …
    Wow Ok That was SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEEEETTTT !! My son Is only 5 yrs old and will be starting Kindergarten in 11 days. But this made me cry , Time is flying by sooo fast !! I lost my little sister and then my mom So Im terrified I wont be around for this special dance with my Baby.

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