Wedding Dance: The Foxtrot, The Waltz and Swing Dancing your First Wedding Dance at your Wedding Reception

It’s your wedding dance, and you’re not a dancer. Uh oh! Don’t freak out. You’ll be fine, especially so if you treat where so many have danced before. The standard wedding songs, and wedding dance steps that so many people your for their first wedding dance. These three dances are the standard wedding reception music. The foxtrot, the swing, and the waltz comprise a large portion of standard wedding first dances. However, you don’t want to be just standard, right?

Within these wedding dances, even theses standard choices, there’s so many options for making your first dance something really special. The choice of wedding song will be your greatest choice, and it will likely dictate the style of dance that you do. Let’s talk about each dance style in this article, and how they all relate to wedding dancing.

First, there is Foxtrot. The Foxtrot originated in 1914, in none other than New York City, by none other than Harry Fox (imagine that).  It’s considered one of the most versatile ballroom social style of dances, and it can be danced to a really wide variety of music and tempos. It’s much like a walking, smooth, relaxed style of dance.  Sounds easy eh?

Next up, the classic waltz. A beautiful dance for your first wedding dance, but not as easy as foxtrot to be sure. The Waltz originated near Vienna (yeh, saw that coming), and by the 17th century (yes, long ago), it was danced in the ballroom all over the place. Today, it’s pretty social. This dance moves a lot, and is elegant, regal, and graceful IF you can actually pull it off. Never danced? Waltz wedding dancing is a tough sell!  While the basic step is a box step, there’s a lot of other things (such as rise and fall and sway) which make this a dance for the real dancers!  Yes, there is simple waltz, but …

Does it compare to swing? Really, does anything compare to swing?  Swing is fun, playful, hot, fast (or slow), and marked by a combination of rock steps and triple steps. It can be danced to variety of music, and while lacking the grace (perhaps) of waltz, or the formality of foxtrot, it’s for the young (or young at heart). Uptempo music that makes you want to move – it’s a very common first wedding dance to be found at a wedding, and wedding songs in swing are covered by most wedding bands during the wedding reception!

Are there other choices for your wedding dance?  Yes, to be sure, there are. These are only the most common wedding dancing styles!

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