20 thoughts on “Hawaiian Wedding Song

  1. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @00Christin, When you make a montage, the song may be by someone who does? the singing but the pics of someone else. Thanks for watching & responding.


  2. 00Christin Post author

    ……Why is there a? little bubble on every picture with someone that ain’t Elvis when it’s a song from elvis O.o

  3. zamli mohd tamat Post author

    well Elvis it seems I am older than you are for I am going to? be 70 comes this 31st May 2012 and for your info though he is not a singer but James Dean is my favorite actor and you know what both of them have a candle lighted for every anniversary of their death

  4. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @zamli42, I am 60 and have loved Elvis since I was 9 yrs old. Guess I’m a fan, aye!? The only ones here on earth I have loved longer is the Detroit Tigers ( since I was 4).


  5. zamli mohd tamat Post author

    No hard feeling.Yes true I should have mentioned names but I like to make people feel guilty as to what they have said especially in someone"s private wall.He may like Clay Aiken but the world has proves that Elvis Presley is the world idol as can been seen every year people lighted candles for Elvis from the day Elvis died till today and his songs are still the favorites by? young and old throughout the world.

  6. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @zamli42, I’m very sorry for reading this wrong, but hey do as I do, I answer them & then ignore those who feel I should think as they? do. Maybe next time you should put who it is your talking about. Thanks for correcting me.


  7. zamli mohd tamat Post author

    Did I mention your name in fact if you read in between the lines you find that I am referring to? some one else who has done that.You might as well scroll down or upwards and see who has belittle your effort.

  8. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @renita331, My favorite song in the movie & of all time of any song by anyone made will always be, "Can’t Help Falling? In Love" Thank You for watching my video and commenting.


  9. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @zamli42, Who are to talking to? I have never belittled anyone on their own wall. This is my video, and my wall and? if someone writes to me about a video I (Hawaiian Wedding Song) made, I have every right to respond as I please.

    Karen (ElvisFan10)

  10. zamli mohd tamat Post author

    Yes everyone has their own taste of music but do not belittle someone else favorite in his own wall.I you don’ like it just don’t? spite others.Love Elvis from the first song

  11. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @MrHUSKY4, Look I’m 60 yrs. old and have been an Elvis fan from the time he started singing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like other singers. My favorite? songs back in the late 50′s and 60′s were from Motown. Guess I can’t like that either. You can choose what you want to listen to, but just cause my taste is different than yours, DON"T TELL ME I"M NOT AN ELVIS FAN BECAUSE I LIKE CLAY AIKEN , and just like Clay I didn’t care for all Elvis songs or movies, doesn’t mean I’m not a fan.


  12. MrHUSKY4 Post author

    Not sure how you can be an Elvis fan, AND, like Clay Aiken. A few nights backs I watched a couple of Clay videos to? see what all the fuss was about…….. and my eardrums are STILL aiken!.

  13. Virginia Shawl Post author

    Elvis was one of the great entertainers of all time. Why do you have to ruin it with that stupid? person trying to think he is in Elvis’s shoes. Good night, does he really think he is it. Go look in the mirror my friend. People like you need to conentrate on getting a real job.

  14. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @RMS1955Sept; If you don’t like Clay Aiken that’s your choice, but you don’t need to call him names. As they say? "If you can’t say something nice about someone, Don’t say nothing at all." Thank You for watching my video, but PLEASE watch your language on my site, Thank You.


  15. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @Dragonmaster2112, I always wanted a wedding just like the one in the movie, but I’ve had two weddings and am not having 3 strikes I’m out even if it is in Hawaii. I’ll just watch the? movie "Blue Hawaii" and pretend it’s me with Elvis, LOL. Thanks for the comment & for watching my video.


  16. Dragonmaster2112 Post author

    Age 17 and loving elvis, this is definetely on? my wedding consideration list :D

  17. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @Jolee189, This is my favorite song in the movie, and oh! to have a wedding like that. But I’ve had 2 of them & won’t have 3 strikes I’m out. Too old to worry about a man now, enjoying being alone. First time I watched this in the movie I cried. I’m so very happy it brought back great memories for you. Thanks for watching? & responding.


  18. Elvisfan10 Post author

    @hounddog39; Thanks for listening & watching my video. Sorry I wasn’t raised to be prejudice, At the time I made this I didn’t know he was gay, and could care less what or who he likes, That’s his life and only God has the right to judge him. Unless you’ve never did anything wrong in your? life, DON’T JUDGE OTHERS. Elvis is and will always be my favorite singer, but even he had faults.


  19. hounddog39 Post author

    Clay Aiken is Gay…Elvis was a real man,and? the best singer ever to walk this Planet.

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