Jeenah Jeenah (Traditional Palestinian Wedding Song (Arabic))

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arabic wedding song played i think when the bride enters (i think) called jeenah jeenah translated we came but he means we came and brought the bride and gro…
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24 thoughts on “Jeenah Jeenah (Traditional Palestinian Wedding Song (Arabic))

  1. desertrose21359 Post author

    great song, and great voice, ? Palestinian e music, and traditional music are the best in the world, hope stay strong and live forever, I’m not Arab, but I fall in love with Arab music, special Palestinian,

  2. Stephanie Hardin Post author

    it was a nice idea. i dont think we are going to have a big ceremony… but i dont care. we will be together. that is all that matters.?

  3. Stephanie Hardin Post author

    we havent gotten married yet but i played it for him in the car and he started singing along. i cant wait till i can understand Arabic. so pretty… he tried to teach me Arabic tongue twisters? last night. we must have looked like kids laughing about it. … thanks for asking.

  4. Stephanie Hardin Post author

    i. am. so. in. love!!!!!!! i am amazed by him everyday. Palestine? is indeed for lovers. i think im addicted to him. lol

  5. xSheepz Post author

    Lollllll thats a great idea, id love to see his reaction to when he hears it :D. thats really kind of u? to do that for your husband! wish you the best xD!

  6. Stephanie Hardin Post author

    I am researching what my husband to be would be familiar with. What a lively wedding march. I think I will sneak it into our ceremony and show my love of? his country, Palestine.

  7. Bellydanceshiva Post author

    Hey man, probably sick of answering? this but tried yr link however it didn’t work. Google has a few listing for raed n shafik kabha but can’t find a viable link that works and with good quality… Any other suggesti

  8. xSheepz Post author

    xD i like Jordan, can u refer me some good artist i can listen to please bro?? Arab FTW! lol.

  9. TheICONicDream97 Post author

    pretty much? hear this at every single family wedding :P proud arab! btw, us jordanians use it too (:

  10. imtiazgmail1 Post author

    Palestinian? music is really nice! Well I’ll try to play it in my wedding as i liked it very much.

  11. Lebanese Soldier Post author

    they always play this at every lebo wedding i go to lool welellelelellelelelelelelelessh 3abel l? jami2

  12. xSheepz Post author

    - oh wow? congratz! i cant wait till i find a partner :S lol. All the best <3.

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