Let It End, An Original "Red Wedding" Song. Karliene

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You know, as a musician you quickly learn not to waste any emotion, if your feeling lost and heartbroken then get out the piano and write something because t…
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24 thoughts on “Let It End, An Original "Red Wedding" Song. Karliene

  1. György Szilveszter Tóth Post author

    Your music is not only? filled with tunes and brilliant singing but with overwhelming feelings! Your work could brim Tywin’s eyes with tears!

  2. mavricksama Post author

    omg. I had goosebumps watching this and listening to? it.
    Literally. I don’t even have to watch it while writing this comment to have the goosebumps.
    Amazing… and still… all the feels. ;___;

  3. Vielet Perl Post author

    This song is just … omgooosh it’s gorgeous … i? . wow just … breathtaking … .

  4. katsangel Post author

    So beautiful! I love all you work, but this was so moving. You captured the? feeling of the scene. Again, just beautiful!

  5. Amani Mohamed Post author

    Oh my god, you’re gonna have? an album! *jumping up and down* where and when!

  6. lexilewords Post author

    This was beautiful. Utterly beautiful. I can’t WAIT for your new album! (tho if I listen to this at work I’ll sob…good way to introduce people? to your music?)

  7. Leessya Post author

    Oh my god… I have goosebumps. This is so? intense, so emotional… T_T…

  8. Magitasia Post author

    Well, I’ve never watched Game of Thrones (always? been meaning to) and I can tell the series has captured you! The emotion in your voice…was incredible! Another wonderful song <3

  9. Jabba Head Post author

    you have a talent to make me cry ;-) fantastic video to a great song.? great job!

    btw. this episode is unexpected… for me.

  10. Skyewhisper Post author

    Stunning… I’m? sad all over again now, but listening to your lovely voice (and composition!) was worth it. =)

  11. Fabio Bellini Post author

    I’ve discovered you in this rainy morning; you’re simply adorable and waiting for your album?

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