24 thoughts on “Red Wedding-Song

  1. hairgel5 Post author

    i prefer that than the book version of "Jamie Lanniester sends his regards"?

  2. nicholas Fitzhugh Post author

    Yoren is dead, and the Tyrells are gonna get theirs as well.?

  3. edwardclarkey Post author

    You are mistaken Brandon Stark was Eddard’s older brother (whose death was a major point in Robert’s rebellion), You are thinking about Benjen Stark. Eddard’s younger brother.?

  4. Sheepdogwoof Post author

    No, you’re not its understandable seeing as you don’t know me.

    But? I’m a Stark fanatic, I read the books when they came out, and have a pair of Direwolves tattooed on my shoulder blades.

    The silence was perfect.

  5. LudwigVaanArthans Post author

    Read the books. The kingslayer is well and alive even in the 5th book :P
    You’re a? tard~

  6. George R.R. Martin Post author

    Damn it, I’ve been discovered.? I must to leave for the planet Westeros immediately.

  7. TheWolfgangGrimmer Post author

    That’s not what he originally meant with that line. One of the Lannisters did know, but it wasn’t? Jaime. I think you can guess who it was.

  8. Sheepdogwoof Post author

    I’ll say it for the third time? now… quite very, very obviously a joke.

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